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About Us

Our journey of self-discover and healing begins with a single step and continues as we move through life, learning and growing.  Wicklow Holistic Centre is here to walk with you and empower you on this journey, supporting you in whatever way we can, through the highs, the lows and the in-betweens..  By empowering ourselves we are individuals making small differences in a world that needs small differences to make big changes.  As individuals we are powerful and as a community we are limitless.

Wicklow Holistic Centre - Wicklow Ireland

Our Services

We have a range of holistic and beauty treatments available in the Centre, facilitated by our on-site staff. There is also a range of treatments available from self-employed therapists who use the Centre. All of these treatments are carried out by fully qualified and accredited therapists to ensure your comfort and safety. Any of these treatments can be tailored to fit your specific needs, please feel free to ask us for advice or suggest the combination that can best assist you.

Wicklow Holistic Centre - Wicklow Ireland - Services Holistic Treatments

Holistic & Wellbeing Treatments

Holistic wellbeing is a way of life and focuses on the whole person, mind, body and spirit, rather than just on one part or another

Wicklow Holistic Centre - Wicklow Ireland - Services Coaching


A heart-centred holistic approaching along with principles of coaching and neuroscience

Wicklow Holistic Centre - Wicklow Ireland - Services Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments

A comprehensive list of beauty treatments for your own kind of beautiful, from brows to lashes and everything in between we’ve got you covered

Wicklow Holistic Centre - Wicklow Ireland - Services Voya Facials

Voya Facials

A range of Voya Facials treatments for your individual skin type requirements, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and purified

Wicklow Holistic Centre - Wicklow Ireland

Love. Healing.

Wicklow Holistic Centre - Wicklow Ireland


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Holistic Shop

Our shop is stocked with lots of fantastic holistic goodies, including sage, palo santo, incense, oracle cards, tarot cards, wall hangings, journals, books, candles, buddhas, jewellery, a wide range of unique gifts and lots more. Our crystals, along with all of the goods in our shop are responsibly sourced from reputable suppliers.

“I had a wonderful feeling of calm and focus after my session with Elaine. It felt like a heavy cloud had been lifted”
– Frances

“(…) I contacted Elaine for support & direction. I felt immediately that I was on the right track as we figured out together where exactly I was and where I wanted to go.”
– Irene Milner – Circle of Ligh

The treatment itself is so relaxing and I find it extremely beneficial for helping me with my digestive issues and for de-stressing, bringing my body back into balance.
– FMcD